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New portfolio addition for
EDS in Narcolepsy and OSA
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Expanding possibilities for those
living with CNS conditions

Axsome Therapeutics has built a portfolio of differentiated product candidates that address areas of high unmet medical needs.

Our pipeline includes five differentiated clinical-stage central nervous system (CNS) therapies targeting significant and growing markets.

Abbreviations: CNS = Central Nervous System; MOA = Mechanism of Action; NMDA = N-Methyl-D-aspartate; COX-2 = Cyclooxygenase-2; 5-HT = 5-Hydroxytryptamine; NE = Norepinephrine

Please refer to the full Prescribing Information for Sunosi.

The investigational product candidates on this page are not approved by the FDA and the safety and effectiveness has not been established.

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